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Which statement best explains why the papel towel remained dry?

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Small plane just crashed in your neighborhood. you take a fire extinguisher and blankets to the scene, then stand back and silently gather with others on the scene when you realize there is nothing you can do to . in this situation, gathering quietly with others out of reverence and respect is an example of coping.
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Which is one important element of romantic literature
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The tea party movement is a. an official third party that challenges both democrats and republicans in national elections. b. an organized challenge to incumbents in the republican party by the most conservative wing of the republican party. c. an organized challenge to incumbents in the democratic party by the most liberal wing of the democratic party. d. an offspring of the green party that runs for state and local office in many midwestern states. e. the now defunct party that gave way to the republican party at the end of the “second party system.”
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How did the spanish prove to be excellent allies in the war? give examples?
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Which statement best explains why the papel towel remained dry?...

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