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One of the main points of dispute between the Republican and Democratic parties after the Civil War was A.
policy toward Great Britain.
high tariffs versus anti-protectionism.
states' rights versus nationalism.
the degree of punishment for the South.

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Situation #2: imagine that you are a newspaper editor in columbus, oh in 1863. the civil war has been dragging on for more than two years already and shows no signs of ending soon. you are aware that many black males are willing to enlist in the union army but you fear that they may be mistreated and abused by the majority of soldiers on either side in this war. write a one-page letter (double spaced) editorial for tomorrow's edition of the newspaper. the topic is military service in the union army by free african american males. in your editorial, take a clear position for or against having black men join the fight. be sure to give reasons for whatever position you choose to take.
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Me! will give brainliest to whoever answers correctly! arrange the events in peruvian history in chronological order using the numbers 1-6. a. simón bolívar and antonio jóse de sucre’s defeat of spanish forces ensures peru’s independence. b. alejandro toledo is the first indigenous peruvian elected president. c. spanish conquistador francisco pizarro arrives in peru and enslaves peru's indigenous people. d. túpac amaru ii is executed, and his sacrifice inspires peruvians to seek independence and equal rights for indigenous people. e. the chaví­n culture establishes settlements high in the andes. f. attacks by rebel groups threaten democratic rule. (for example, find out the dates of the events (years) and and list them below) you for your time!
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Explain what might happen if the supreme court did not have the power to check the other two branches.
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What word means having a variety of cultures in the same area? a. cultural diversity b. culture region c. popular culture d. population density
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One of the main points of dispute between the Republican and Democratic parties after the Civil War...

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