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Why do markets produce too few public goods for consumption? ?

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The market tends to underproduce public goods because a) public goods tend to have very few benefits. b) public goods always have external costs (negative externalities). c) joint consumption allows those who do not pay for the good to still benefit from the good. d) the consumption of a public good by one persons prevents its consumption by another person.
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Why do markets produce too few public goods for consumption? a)there is no market at all for any public good. b)because the government has a monopoly on the market c)because there is not a profit incentive for the markets d)because regulations prohibit profits for public goods.
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Which of the following is an inaccurate statement about public goods? . a. public goods are nonrival: one person's consumption doesn't diminish another's. b. public goods are shared goods or services that wouldn't necessarily be available if they were provided privately. c. public goods are nonexcludable: people can't be excluded from using them. d. public goods are provided by private firms.
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Why do markets exist? a. markets ensure that government does not intervene in the production of goods and services. b. markets provide self-sufficient people with public places for the exchange of ideas. c. markets ensure economic equity for all people. d. markets allow people to buy what they need to consume and sell the specialized goods and services they produce.
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Why do markets produce too few public goods for consumption? ?...

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