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What did the soviet union attempt in 1961

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To evaluate how well a study supports a frequency claim, you need to focus on evaluating which of the following validities? a) construct and externalb) external and representativec) statistical and internald) internal and external
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Plz me match the correct text in each cell to identify the contributions to the war effort of the three facilities listed. 1. built b-29s, putting hundreds of the war's most advanced aircraft into service 2. large civilian workforce transported soldiers and goods to the two war fronts; built "liberty ships" to move men and supplies across the ocean 3. trained new recruits, held prisoners of war, repaired damaged aircraft, prepared thousands of soldiers for combat bell bomber plant military bases brunswick
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Which sociologist posits that, as a society modernizes, it must rely less on tradition, and more on rational, and impersonal procedures?
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Prices for products became more affordable as a result of new forms of ,witch got things to market faster and cheaper
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What did the soviet union attempt in 1961...

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