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The economy of australia is characterized by

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Aquestion of ethics—covenants not to compete. brendan coleman created and marketed clinex, a software billing program. later, retina consultants, p. c., a medical practice, hired coleman as a software engineer. together, they modified the clinex program to create clinex-re. coleman signed an agreement to the effect that he owned clinex, retina owned clinex-re, and he would not market clinex in competition with clinex-re. after coleman quit retina, he withdrew funds from a retina bank account and marketed both forms of the software to other medical practices. at trial, the court entered a judgment enjoining (preventing) coleman from marketing the software that was in competition with the software he had developed for retina consultants. the court also obligated coleman to return the funds taken from the company’s bank account. coleman appealed. [coleman v. retina consultants, p. c., 286 ga. 317, 687 s. e.2d 457 (2009)] (see legality.) 1. should the court uphold the non-compete clause? if so,
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In a publicly held corporation, - o stockholders rarely trade their stocks o stocks are not usually traded at stock exchanges o a large number of stockholders can buy and sell stock o family members are excluded from holding stock
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What is generally true of the lower house in a state legislative branch ?
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How did the dynasties end and how did they start a new one?
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The economy of australia is characterized by...

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