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Which early civilizations was located in mesoamerica?

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"“forty or fifty years ago, many people thought that simply transferring technologies from industrialized to developing countries would close the technology gap. now we know that technologies developed in industrialized countries may not be suitable for use in other environments. they may require a particular type of infrastructure to operate. they may need specialized parts or knowledge to mend when they break we now understand that innovative capacity must be built in different ways." - united nations secretary-general ban ki-moon based on the secretary general's comments, which of these would be most important for a country to improve? a) native literature b) transportation grid c) cultural traditions d) construction styles
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Where did the constitutional convention take place
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During the period from 1865 to 1898 how did the political/economic elite contain the demands of farmers and laborers for economic justice
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How did the mountains on the oregon trail influence the timing of pioneers’ travels? a.) the pioneers wanted to avoid times when there was snow in the mountains. the pioneers wanted to spend as much time as possible enjoying the mountain scenery. b.) the pioneers crossed the mountains in late fall when the trees were bare and the views were good. c.) the pioneers were rugged people who were not impacted by the terrain they crossed at any time.
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Which early civilizations was located in mesoamerica?...

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