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Is the term civilization problematic?

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Sunnhilla is a subtropical island nation. islanders grow their own fruits and vegetables, mine small amounts of copper, and cut forest clearings to grow white pods that are prized on the mainland as food seasoning. when mainland scientists discover how to grow white pods cheaply, sunnhilla's income plummets. the people appoint mr. strong as economic minister to restore their economy. minister strong instructs islanders to raise chickens grow rye instead of vegetables and fruits to avoid buying mainland bread and meat. he assigns more than half the workers to copper mines and rest split logs into lumber. the higher copper production and the switch to lumber increase income. after paying miners and loggers $30 a month, strong uses remaining funds to buy sweatsuits for the islanders. when people complain about their dull lives, he and moves the mainland. 1.) how does minister strong answer the economic question of what to produce and how to produce? 2.) how does minister strong achieve the goal of growth? 3.) how does minister strong achieve the goal of equity?
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The purpose of a campaign is to get an official elected or .which statements apply to campaign finance and the laws controlling it? check all that apply.
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Awealthy philanthropist owned a mansion built to his exact specifications, featuring a pipe organ built into the wall of the music room. the organ was impressive, with beautiful hand-carved wood scrollwork. the accompanying bench was made from the same wood as the organ and was carved to match the patterns on the organ. the bench was fully movable and could be slid into a niche beside the organ when not in use, although the philanthropist usually left the bench in front of the organ for its matching effect, even when the organ was not being played. the philanthropist died, and his will left all of his personal property to his daughter and all of his real property to a local charity. after the will was admitted to probate, the daughter removed all of the furniture and other movables from the mansion, including the organ bench. the daughter refused the charity's request to return the bench to the mansion. if the charity brings suit against the daughter to replevy the bench, who will prevail?
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22. the effect of threshold braking is to a. cause skids. b. lock wheels. c. prevent locking of wheels. d. increase stopping distance.
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