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An infinitely long nonconducting cylinder of radius r = 2.00 cm carries a uniform volume charge density of 18.0 micro-coulomb/cubic meter. calculate the electric field at distance r = 1.00 cm from the axis of the cylinder

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The number of brain synapses is believed to peak at
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Assessment includes a. interviews, recorded conversations, videos, frequency counts, and time samples. b. formal standardized tests and developmental screening tools. c. various types of documented observations, documentation of child work, checklists, rating scales, and standardized tests. d. anecdotal notes, narratives or daily records, daily health checks, and teacher observation checklists.
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Give the brainliestwhich parts of the scientific process differentiate it from pseudoscience? check all that apply. stating facts based on opinionsusing models and experimentsasking new questionsmaking subjective claimshaving explanations that answer all questionsi need more than one answer
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Little's law can be applied to any part of the store, such as a particular department or the checkout lines. the store owner determines that, during business hours, approximately 84 shoppers per hour make a purchase and each of these shoppers spend an average of 5 minutes in the checkout line. at any time during business hours, about how many shoppers, on average, are waiting in the checkout line to make a purchase at the good deals store?
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An infinitely long nonconducting cylinder of radius r = 2.00 cm carries a uniform volume charge dens...

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