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Four fundemental forces from weakest to strongest

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An ambulance emits a frequency of 450 hz from its siren. what frequency is heard by a man as the ambulance moves toward him? less than 450 hz more than 450 hz 450 hz 0 hz
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Asample of a gaseous substance changes into a liquid
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Agas is compressed at a constant pressure of 0.800 atm from 10.00 l to 3.00 l. in the process, 410 j of energy leaves the gas by heat. (a) what is the work done on the gas? (b) what is the change in its internal energy?
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Astring 1m is used for whirling 1kg of stone in a virtical circle with speed such that the string doesn't slack at the topmost position. what is the difference of tension between topmost and bottom most position? ​
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Four fundemental forces from weakest to strongest...

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