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Which of these characteristics can only be attributed to a wave of red light? a) the energy of the wave travels in the same direction as the wave travels. b) the wave travels by vibrating the particles of the medium at a high rate. c) the wave travels by compressing and expanding the medium it travels through. d) the energy of the wave moves perpendicular to the direction the wave travels.

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You and two friends are planning on lifting a 2.50 kn piano at constant speed to your apartment 19.0 m above the street level using a pulley system fastened to the roof of the building. each of you is able to deliver energy at the rate of 160 w by doing work on the rope of a pulley system that is 75.0% efficient. that is, 25.0% of the energy is transformed to other forms due to friction in the pulley. you wish to block off the sidewalk to protect pedestrians while you raise the piano, but are worried because it is a busy street and you may get in trouble with local authorities if you block the sidewalk too long. for what time interval (in min) will the sidewalk be blocked while the piano is moving upward?
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Newtons view of arrangement of the universe
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Point charges q1=+2.00μc and q2=−2.00μc are placed at adjacent corners of a square for which the length of each side is 1.50 cm . point a is at the center of the square, and point b is at the empty corner closest to q2. take the electric potential to be zero at a distance far from both charges. part a what is the electric potential at point a due to q1 and q2? express your answer with the appropriate units.
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Which of these characteristics can only be attributed to a wave of red light? a) the energy of the...

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