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How much of Earth's surface is dry, ice-free land? *

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The electric field between square plates of a parallel-plate capacitor has magnitude e. the potential across the plates is maintained with constant voltage by a battery as they are pulled apart to twice their original separation, which is small compared to the dimensions of the plates. the magnitude of the electric field between the plates is now equal to a)e b)e/4 c)e/2 d)4e e)2e
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Electric field of the earth. the earth has a net electric charge that causes a field at points near its surface equal to 150 n> c and directed in toward the center of the earth. (a) what magnitude and sign of charge would a 60-kg human have to acquire to overcome his or her weight by the force exerted by the earth’s electric field? (b) what would be the force of repulsion between two people each with the charge calculated in part (a) and separated by a distance of 100 m? is use of the earth’s electric field a feasible means of flight? why or why not?
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3. which is not a primary color of light? blue red green yellow
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What is offspring? why does a longer life span mean a higher chance of producing offspring?
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How much of Earth's surface is dry, ice-free land? *...

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