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Astone is thrown vertically upward from the roof of the building. does the position of the stone depend on the location chosen for the origin of the coordinate system? does the stones velocity depend on the choice of origin? explain

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Conduct online research and find a website that provides climate data for an area in a biome (for example, the city of barrow, alaska). discuss how conditions in the biome affect the plant and animal life it contains.
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In a heat engine if 1000 j of heat enters the system the piston does 500 j of work, what is the final internal energy of the system if the initial energy was 2000 j? 1. write the equation 2.list out your known variables 3.plug the numbers into the equations 4.solve 5.write your solution statement that includes initial energy and final
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Ain is , is 's of ? 0.62 0.79 1.27 1.50
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4. now look at the green lines you created by connecting the three boiling point data points and the three melting point data points. for each of these lines, describe any trends you see. 5. locate the elements on your periodic table that you circled in green on your graph. what term or description would you use to identify these elements with respect to the periodic table? 7. using the room temperature line (orange line) and your periodic table, make lists that identify the state of matter (gas, liquid, or solid) in which each element you plotted exists at room temperature. explain your answers.
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Astone is thrown vertically upward from the roof of the building. does the position of the stone dep...

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