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What will be the acceleration of a 25 kg mass accelerated by a 5 n force

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Calculate the number of frenkel defects per cubic meter in zinc oxide at 986˚c. the energy for defect formation is 2.51 ev, while the density for zno is 5.55 g/cm3 at this temperature. the atomic weights of zinc and oxygen are 65.41 g/mol and 16.00 g/mol, respectively
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Acube has a volume of 2011 cubic inches. what is the angle measure between a side of a cube and its interior diagonal?
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(a) light reflected from the surface of a vat of benzene is totally polarized when the incident light is at what angle with respect to the horizontal? (b) in what direction is the reflected light polarized? (perpendicular to the surface/perpendicular to the plane of incidence/parallel to the surface and to the plane of incidence) (c) is any light incident at this angle transmitted into the liquid? if so, at what angle below the horizontal does the transmitted light travel?
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Describe the function of the endomembrane system? what organelles are involved? ​
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What will be the acceleration of a 25 kg mass accelerated by a 5 n force...

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