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How might virtual reality training benefit people in society?

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Ais useful when you need a simple machine to you separate two things. a. lever b. screw c. pulley d. wedge
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Unpolarized light of intensity i_0=750w/m^2 is incident upon two polarizers. after passing through both polarizers the intensity is i_2=280w/m^2. (a) what is the intensity of the light after it passes through the first polarizer in w/m^2? (b) write an equation for the angle between the polarizers in terms of the initial (i_0) and final (i_2) intensities. (c) find the angle between the polarizers in degrees.
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Carbon-14 is a radioactive element that undergoes beta decay. which force is responsible for allowing carbon-14 to become stable? electromagnetic gravitational weak nuclear strong nuclear
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A10nc charge sits at a point in space where the magnitude of the electric field is 1500 n/c. what will the magnitude of the field be if the 10 nc charge is replaced by a 20 nc charge? assume the system is big enough to consider the charges as small test charges.
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How might virtual reality training benefit people in society?...

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