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Atoy cart at the end of a string 0.70m long moves in a circle on a table. the cart has a mass of 2.0kg and the string has a breaking strength of 40n. calculate the maximum speed the cart can attain without breaking the string.

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Steam enters an adiabatic diffuser at 150 kpa and 1208c with a velocity of 550 m/s. determine the minimum velocity that the steam can have at the outlet when the outlet pressure is 300 kpa.
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Water at 103 degree f & 20 psia fills a weighted piston-cylinder device. heat is added to the water until the volume of the water has increased by a factor of 2000. determine the initial and final internal energy and the final temperature.
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Apulley system is used to lift a 2,000 newton engine up a distance of 3 meters. the operator must apply a force of 250 newtons to the chain of the pulley system to lift the motor. to lift the engine 3 meters, the operator must pull a total of 30 meters of chain through the pulley system. what is the value of di?
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This is really important 1.which of the following prefixes represents the largest value? (2 points)gigahectorkilomilli2.which of the following types of graphs is best for plotting the mean, median, and mode of data? (2 points)bar graphbox-and-whiskercircle graphstem-and-leaf
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Atoy cart at the end of a string 0.70m long moves in a circle on a table. the cart has a mass of 2.0...

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