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How do some businesses believe vr is affecting their training for employees?

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As a scuba diver descends under water, the pressure increases. at a total air pressure of 2.51 atm and a temperature of 25.0 ∘c, what is the solubility of n2 in a diver's blood? [use the value of the henry's law constant k calculated in part a, 6.26×10−4mol/(l⋅atm).]assume that the composition of the air in the tank is the same as on land and that all of the dissolved nitrogen remains in the blood. express your answer with the appropriate units.
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In a heat engine if 1000 j of heat enters the system the piston does 500 j of work, what is the final internal energy of the system if the initial energy was 2000 j? 1. write the equation 2.list out your known variables 3.plug the numbers into the equations 4.solve 5.write your solution statement that includes initial energy and final
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Question(1): a projectile is launched at an angle of 33 degrees up from level ground. if the initial speed of the projectile is 6.4 m/s how far from the launcher does it land? this is the set up that i used for the question: where i and o subscripts = initial split into the x and y direction where vix= vicos33degrees and viy=visin33degrees . x(t)= xi+vit+ 1/2at^2 and change inx= voit + 1/2at^2. v(t)= voy+at t=vosin33/ 9.8 delta x = 6.4 cos33 degrees + 1/2 (6/4) (6.4 sin 33 degrees) = 16.5 m. i was wondering if this set up was correct and if the answer i reached was accurate. my friend got a value about half this at 8.6 m so i'm unsure if i am correct.
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What’s #16 asking me and how do i solve it?
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How do some businesses believe vr is affecting their training for employees?...

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