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A24.0 cm long screwdriver is used as a lever to open a can of paint. if the fulcrum is 0.500 cm away from the end of the screwdriver, what is the screwdriver's ideal mechanical advantage?

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Astarship traveling at 99% of the speed of light fires a missile at an enemy starship which is 312 m ahead and travelling at the same velocity. the missile, which is 4.0 m long as measured aboard the starship before it is fired, travels from the launcher at a speed 120 m/s faster than the launching starship. what does the length of the missile appear to be to the occupants of the enemy ship?
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You are about to open a container of soy milk but notice that there are instructions to β€œshake well before serving.” the soy milk is most likely a
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Three different objects, all with different masses, are initially at rest at the bottom of a set of steps. each step is of uniform height . the mass of each object is a multiple of the base mass : object 1 has mass 4..00m , object 2 has mass 1..96m , and object 3 has mass . when the objects are at the bottom of the steps, define the total gravitational potential energy of the three-object system to be zero. if the objects are then relocated as shown, what is the new total potential energy of the system? each answer requires the numerical coefficient to an algebraic expression. each algebraic expression is given using some combination of the variables , , and , where is the acceleration due to gravity. enter only the numerical coefficient. (example: if the answer is 1..23mgd , just enter 1.23)
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A24.0 cm long screwdriver is used as a lever to open a can of paint. if the fulcrum is 0.500 cm away...

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