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A24.0 cm long screwdriver is used as a lever to open a can of paint. if the fulcrum is 0.500 cm away from the end of the screwdriver, what is the screwdriver's ideal mechanical advantage?

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You have been consulted by the mobile phone company hookup about a new augmented reality product called “brows”. they want to develop an alternative to google glasses, which, you recall, is a proposed new product which plans to superimpose a whole range of wireless google services over the user’s ordinary vision of the world. these appear in little circles and ovals, and let you phone people, take photographs, navigate across cities and inside buildings, find shops and update your social media. brows would do this too, but not be limited to special google services. the user would wear a small cylinder-shaped device designed to fit on top of their existing eyewear (glasses or sunglasses). it would project a reversed image onto the inside of the lenses, the reflection of which would be in focus for the user. instead of voice control, the user would control the device by eye and neck movements, which the device would track. the device would connect via bluetooth to the user’s phone, which would supply most of the computing power and wireless connectivity. hookup also wants to know what existing services would be most in demand, and which would not work well with brows. using your knowledge of augmented reality, wearable technology and interface design, is the project feasible? if not, why not? if feasible, how could the product need to be modified for a better experience?
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With the simplified model of the eye, what corrective lens (specified by focal length as measured in air) would be needed to enable a person underwater to focus an infinitely distant object? (be careful-the focal length of a lens underwater is not the same as in air! assume that the corrective lens has a refractive index of 1.62 and that the lens is used in eyeglasses, not goggles, so there is water on both sides of the lens. assume that the eyeglasses are 1.90
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What is friction? how does it affect the motion of an object?
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Acopper sheet of thickness 2 mm has an initial temperature of 140°c. it is suddenly quenched in liquid water, resulting in boiling at its two surfaces. for boiling, newton’s law of cooling is expressed as , where is the solid surface temperature and is the saturation temperature of the fluid (in this case 100°c). the convection heat transfer coefficient may be expressed as . determine the time needed for the sheet to reach a temperature of 102°c.
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A24.0 cm long screwdriver is used as a lever to open a can of paint. if the fulcrum is 0.500 cm away...

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