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Amarble and a cube are placed at the top of a ramp. starting from rest at the same height, the marble rolls without slipping and the cube slides (no kinetic friction) down the ramp. determine the ratio of the center-of-mass speed of the cube to the center-of-mass speed of the marble at the bottom of the ramp.

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Ablock of mass m = 2.5 kg is attached to a spring with spring constant k = 790 n/m. it is initially at rest on an inclined plane that is at an angle of 28 degrees with respect to the horizontal, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the plane is k = 0.14. in the initial position, where the spring is compressed by a distance of a = 0.18 m, the mass is at its lowest position and the spring is compressed the maximum amount. take the initial gravitational energy of the block as zero. b) if the spring pushes the block up the incline, what distance, l, in meters will the block travel before coming to rest? the spring remains attached to both the block and the fixed wall throughout its motion.
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Classify the following soils according to the uscs classification system. provide appropriate uscs designations. a) this sample of well-graded gravel with sand was obtained from a large earthen dam in vancouver, canada. the sample has 73% fine to coarse sub-angular gravel, 25% fine to coarse sub-angular sand and 2% fines. the maximum size of the particles is 75 mm. the coefficient of curvature is 2.7, while the uniformity coefficient is 12.4. b) this dark brown and wet soil with a “strong organic odor” has 100% passing the no. 200 sieve. the liquid limit of the material is 32% when not dried and is 21% when oven-dried. the plastic index is 21% when not dried. c) this sand has 61% predominantly fine sand, 23% silty fines, and 16% fine sub-rounded gravel size. the maximum size is 20 mm. the liquid limit is 33% and the plastic limit is 27%. d) this soil has 74% fine to coarse sub-angular reddish sand and 26% organic and silty dark brown fines. the liquid limit is 37% when not dried and is 26% when oven dried. the plastic index is 6% when not dried.
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Write the correct abbreviation for each metric unit
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Calculate number of electron in 2c of charge
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Amarble and a cube are placed at the top of a ramp. starting from rest at the same height, the marbl...

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