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A1-mci source of^60 co is placed in the center of a cylindrical water-filled tank with an inside diameter of 20 cm and depth of 100 cm. the tank is made of iron with a wall thickness of 1 cm. what is the uncollided flux density at the outer surface of the tank nearest the source?

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How does convection affect our atmosphere? our layers of earth? our oceans?
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Very large accelerations can injure the body, especially if they last for a considerable length of time. one model used to gauge the likelihood of injury is the severity index ( ), defined as =/ . in the expression, is the duration of the accleration, but is not equal to the acceleration. rather, is a dimensionless constant that = the number of multiples of that the acceleration is equal to. in one set of studies of rear-end collisions, a person's velocity increases by 13.7 km/h with an acceleration of 36.0 m/s2 . let the + direction point in the direction the car is traveling. what is the severity index for the collision?
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Awheel of mass 48 kg is lifted to a height of 0.8 m. how much gravitational potential energy is added to the wheel? acceleration due to gravity is g = 9.8 m/s2. a. 30.4 j b. 3.1 j c. 297.9 j d. 11,321 j
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On a planet far, far away, an astronaut picks up a rock. the rock has a mass of 4.30 kg , and on this particular planet its weight is 41.4 n . you may want to review (pages 121 - 129) . part a if the astronaut exerts an upward force of 48.3 n on the rock, what is its acceleration?
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A1-mci source of^60 co is placed in the center of a cylindrical water-filled tank with an inside dia...

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