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Why is it much easier to slide a cardboard box when it’s empty rather then it full with books

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Asubmarine has a "crush depth" (that is, the depth at which water pressure will crush the submarine) of 250 m. what is the approximate pressure (water plus atmospheric) at this depth? (recall that the density of seawater is 1025 kg/m3, g = 9.81 m/s2, and 1 kg/(ms2) = 1 pa = 9.8692 10-6 atm.) a. 34.8 atm b. 24.8 atm c. 25.8 atm d. 7.8 atm
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Ablock of mass 1.5 kg slides down an inclined plane that has an angle of 15. if the inclined plane has no friction and the block starts at a height of 3 m, how much kinetic energy does the block have when it reaches the bottom? acceleration due to gravity is g = 9.8 m/s2. a. 6.8 j b. 50.9 j c. 0 j d. 44.1 j
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Eddy whose mass is 55kg climbs up the 1.50 meter high stairs in 2s. calculate eddy’s power rating
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Abeam of partially polarized light can be considered to be a mixture of polarized and unpolarized light. suppose we send such a beam through a polarizing filter and then rotate the filter through 360 degrees while keeping it perpendicular to the beam. if the transmitted intensity varies by a factor of 4.1 during the rotation, what fraction of the intensity of the original beam is associated with the beam's polarized light?
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Why is it much easier to slide a cardboard box when it’s empty rather then it full with books...

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