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Two shuffleboard disks of equal mass, one orange and the other yellow, are involved in an elastic, glancing collision. the yellow disk is initially at rest and is struck by the orange disk moving with a speed of 5.60 m/s. after the collision, the orange disk moves along a direction that makes an angle of 35.0° with its initial direction of motion. the velocities of the two disks are perpendicular after the collision. determine the final speed of each disk.

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If the new moon happens on january 15th, what shape will it be on february 6th?
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It's a snowy day and you're pulling a friend along a level road on a sled. you've both been taking physics, so she asks what you think the coefficient of friction between the sled and the snow is. you've been walking at a steady 1.5m/s, and the rope pulls up on the sled at a 32 ∘ angle. you estimate that the mass of the sled, with your friend on it, is 65 kg and that you're pulling with a force of 80 n .
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Calculate the minimum energy required to remove one proton from the nucleus 126c. this is called the proton-removal energy. (hint: find the difference between the mass of a 126c nucleus and the mass of a proton plus the mass of the nucleus formed when a proton is removed from 126c.) express your answer with the appropriate units. emin e m i n = nothing nothing request answer part b how does the proton-removal energy for 126c compare to the binding energy per nucleon for 126c, calculated using eb=(zmh+nmn−azm)c2?
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Pressure is a measure of force per unit area or p=f/ap=f/a. a student is checking the amount of pressure their car exerts upon the road. the car weighs 22 tons ( us short ton ). the student finds the dimensions of each tire's footprint on the road is 12.5 cm x 16.5 cm. in pounds per square inch (psi), what is the total pressure the car exerts upon the road?
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Two shuffleboard disks of equal mass, one orange and the other yellow, are involved in an elastic, g...

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