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Explain why the phrase "by ordinary means" was added to the law of conservation of energy

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In your own words, explain what conservation of energy means. also, give an example of the conservation of energy using something from your everyday life. write at least three complete sentences.
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Conservation of energy explain how the ecosystem that you selected follows the law of conservation of mass and the law of conservation of energy. it is said that only about 10% of stored energy is transferred between trophic levels of the ecosystem. be specific in your explanation of how this does not contradict the law of conservation of energy.
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What is a word or phrase that means the same thing as the law of conservation of energy
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Asap ! will mark brainliest, only answer if you're sure if you ever bounced a ball, you have experienced the conservation of energy or at least nearly the complete conservation of energy. when you drop a ball onto the ground, it bounces back up, nearly to your hand. the mass of the ball hasn't changed, remember that mass is conserved in any physical or chemical change. a simple change of position would conserve mass as well. the same can be said for the ball's energy, although this conservation is harder to observe. explore the behavior of energy during changes in position, speed and energy. the conservation of energy states that mass and energy is neither created nor destroyed in chemical and physical changes, it simply changes form. energy can transfer from one system to another but is never decreased or increased. as energy is added to a system the potential to do work is increased and the kinetic(motion) energy increases as the energy of the system is used. question 1. describe the behavior of the moving object and the conservation of energy 2. how and why does energy changes with moving objects 3. energy conservation when changes in speed and position occur
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Explain why the phrase "by ordinary means" was added to the law of conservation of energy...

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