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What one additional reason that a medical administrative assistant and a medical transcriptionist share some of the same jobs duties?

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Explain the pathophysiologic changes that can cause the signs and symptoms associated with common bile duct obstruction.
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Which of the following is considered to be a primary responsibility of a pharmacy technician? a. writing prescriptions b. greeting customers c. increasing company sales d. counseling patients
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Rectangle pqrs has vertices p(1, 4), q(6, 4), r(6, 1), and s(1, 1). without graphing, find the new coordinates of the vertices of the rectangle after a reflection over the x-axis and then another reflection over the y-axis.
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Bobbie is a 54-year-old woman who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. her husband, larry, has been very supportive and accepting of the mental illness diagnosis. her two children, ages 15 and 17 are worried that they might also develop bipolar disorder but are also very supportive of their mother. the family feels that they do not have the knowledge and skills to handle the condition and decide to enroll in family consultation. a. why do you believe it is important to involve the family in the treatment of clients? b. describe family consultation. how is it different from family therapy? c. describe the components of family consultation. d. describe the role of the nurse as a family consultant.
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What one additional reason that a medical administrative assistant and a medical transcriptionist sh...

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