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How many tenths would you need to make the number 17

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Apopular ride at six flags has two carts that each take exactly 5 minutes for a round (i. e., thrill seekers get in, ride does its thing, thrill seekers get out) and can take 40 thrill seekers each (assume that it is always full). you can assume that each seat in a cart is a “server”, or m = 80. per hour, on average 950 thrill seekers are attracted to this popular ride, who arrive at completely random times. how many thrill seekers are waiting for this popular ride on average?
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Prove that the sum of two consecutive exponents of the number 5 is divisible by 30.if two consecutive exponents are 5n and 5n + 1, then their sum can be written as 30.
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Choose the number sentence that shows the identity property of addition. a. 122 = 61 + 61 b. 62 = 1 + 61 c. 61 = 0 + 61
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How does a low unemployment rate affect a nation's economy? a. the nation has a higher number of productive resources. b. the nation can spend more money on for unemployed people. c. the nation can save money by paying lower salaries to a large workforce. reset
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How many tenths would you need to make the number 17...

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