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Round 479.8983 to the nearest whole number:

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Rewrite the hyperbolic equation 4y^2 -9x^2 +54x-8y-113=0
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The cash price of a television is $580.the hire-purchase price of the television is $865.the hire-purchase price is an initial deposit of n% of the cash price and 6 equal monthly payments of $120.find the value of n.​
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Suppose you just purchased a digital music player and have put 8 tracks on it. after listening to them you decide that you like 4 of the songs. with the random feature on your​ player, each of the 8 songs is played once in random order. find the probability that among the first two songs played ​(a) you like both of them. would this be​ unusual? ​(b) you like neither of them. ​(c) you like exactly one of them. ​(d) redo​ () if a song can be replayed before all 8 songs are played.
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Prove that the medians to the legs of an isosceles triangle are congruent. what rule did you use to prove triangles congruent? aaa asa, saa cannot be determined sas sss
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Round 479.8983 to the nearest whole number:...

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