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If the bases are 1/2 and 1/4, and the height is 1, what is the area?

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Add 1/7 + -1/7 your answer should be reduced to its smallest form and should not be an improper fraction​
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Let mn(x) be the n th maclaurin polynomial for f(x) = e x as given in the text. use the error formula to determine a value of n so that |mn(2) − e 2 | < 10−4 . you will likely want to use a calculator to determine the value of n. you might want to use the fact that e 2 < 8 when working with the error formula.
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Arectangle with an area of 47 m² is dilated by a factor of 7. what is the area of the dilated rectangle? enter your answer in the box. do not leave your answer as a fraction.
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If the bases are 1/2 and 1/4, and the height is 1, what is the area?...

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