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1/8 (8x-5)=1/6-7/6 what is the answer for x?

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City engineers decide to build a rectangular dog park that has an area of 3,600 square yards, where the length of the park is 10 more yards than twice its width. the equation 2 5 1,800 0
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Which statements regarding triangle efc are true?
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The height of a cylinder is 10 cm. if the base radius increases by 10 cm, its volume increases to 1800π cm2. how much is the radius of the cylinder base? ​
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Point d and point e are intersections of abc with an arc centered at point b. point f is located at the intersection of two equal size arcs centered at points d and e. if the measure of abf is 37°, what is the measure of abc? note: figure not drawn to scale a. 18.5° b. 148° c. 74° d. 37°
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1/8 (8x-5)=1/6-7/6 what is the answer for x?...

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