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0.00064 as a reduced fraction

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Which facts are true for the graph of the function below? check all that apply. f(x) = log8 x
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Abiologist is recording the loss of fish in a pond. he notes the number of fish, f, in the pond on june 1. on july 1 there were 63 fish in the pond, which is 52 fewer fish than were in the pond on june 1. which equation represents this situation? a. f – 52 = 63 b. f – 63 = 52 c. 63 – f = 52 d. f – 63 = –52
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We have enough material to build a fence around the station that has a perimeter of 180 the width of a rectangle or space must be 30 1/4 feet. what must the length be
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Four individuals pool money together to start a new business and agree to split the profits equally. n invests $6,000, x invests $2,000, y invests $8,000 and z invests $4,000. if the profits for the first month were $100,000, y receives than if the profits were divided in proportion to how much they invested.
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0.00064 as a reduced fraction...

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