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7/8 divided by 9/10 in simplest form.

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The total number of photos on hannah’s camera is a linear function of how long she was in rome. she already had 44 photos on her camera when she arrived. then she took 24 photos each day for 6 days. what is the rate of change of the linear function that represents this
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What is the slope simplify your answer and write it as a proper fraction, improper fraction, or integer
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(e) which of the following is the set on which the conditions of the following theorem are not met? suppose that d is an open set in ℝ2 and that z = f(x, y) describes a function from d into ℝ. if the partial derivatives of f exist and are continuous at each point in d, then f is differentiable at each point in d.
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In the rectangle below ac=30 units what is de
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7/8 divided by 9/10 in simplest form....

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