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Will someone make me Two one-step equations plz..

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Need ! give step by step solutions on how to solve number one \frac{9-2\sqrt{3} }{12+\sqrt{3} } number two x+4=\sqrt{13x-20} number three (domain and range) f(x)=2\sqrt[3]{x} +1
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Mary works for a company that ships packages and must measure the size of each box that needs to be shipped. mary measures a box and finds the length is 7 inches, the width is 14 inches, and the height is 15 inches. what is the volume of the box? [type your answer as a number.]
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What is the remainder when 2872 is divided by 76? a) 51 b) 57 c) 60 d) 63
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An embroidered placemat costs $2.95. an embroidered tablecloth is similar to the placemat. the ratio of the corresponding sides is 1: 4. how much would you expect to pay for the tablecloth?
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Will someone make me Two one-step equations plz.....

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