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Simplify the expression. Write your answer as a power. (-4)^(5)*(-4)^(7)

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Determine the area under the standard normal curve that lies to the left of ​(a) upper z equals 0.51 commaz=0.51, ​(b) upper z equals negative 1.31z=−1.31​, ​(c) upper z equals negative 0.82z=−0.82​, and ​(d) upper z equals 0.95z=0.95. ​(a) the area to the left of zequals=0.510.51 is 0.02510.0251. ​(round to four decimal places as​ needed.)
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Arestaurant charges $100 to rent its banquet room for an event. it also charges $15 to serve dinner to each guest. write an equation for the total cost of the banquet room in terms of the number of guests. deine your variables. what is the total cost of the banquet room for 20 guests?
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Acaterer knows he will need 60, 50, 80, 40 and 50 dinner napkins on five successive evenings. he can purchase new napkins initially at 25 cents each, after which he can have dirty napkins laundered by a fast one-day laundry service (i. e., dirty napkins given at the end of the day will be ready for use the following day) at 15 cents each, or by a slow two-day service at 8 cents each or both. the caterer wants to know how many napkins he should purchase initially and how many dirty napkins should be laundered by fast and slow service on each of the days in order to minimize his total costs. formulate the caterer’s problem as a linear program as follows (you must state any assumptions you make): a. define all variables clearly. how many are there? b. write out the constraints that must be satisfied, briefly explaining each. (do not simplify.) write out the objective function to be minimized. (do not simplify.)
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Larry wants to buy some carpeting for his living room. the length of the room is 4 times the width and the total area of the room is 16 square meters. what is the length of the living room
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Simplify the expression. Write your answer as a power. (-4)^(5)*(-4)^(7)...

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