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What is the GCF of 100x squared - 250xy+75x

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Each of the walls of a room with square dimensions has been built with two pieces of sheetrock, a smaller one and a larger one. the length of all the smaller ones is the same and is stored in the variable small. similarly, the length of all the larger ones is the same and is stored in the variable large. write a single expression whose value is the total area of this room. do not use any method invocations.
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Give the functions f(x) = |x + 2| - 3, what is the domain? a, b,c, or d all real numbers x > 2 x < -2 all real numbers and x cannot equal to 2
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Whats the theoretical probability of popping a polka dot balloon? express your answer as a fraction, decimal and percent solid 15 polka dot 5 striped 17 plzz me due tomorrow
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How many significant figures are there in the number 10.76?
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What is the GCF of 100x squared - 250xy+75x...

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