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The square root of a 100 is it a whole number or natural number

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Amerchant has coffee worth $60 a pound that she wishes to mix with 50 pounds of coffee worth $90 a pound to get a mixture that she will sell for $70 a pound. how many pounds of the & 60 coffee should be used?
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Driving 75 mph, it takes alicia 2 hours to reach the airport to go on a vacation. it then takes her 4 hours to get to her destination with the jet traveling at a speed of 400 mph. how many miles does alicia travel to get to her destination?
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Find and simplify an expression for the area of five rows of x squares with side lengths of x centimeters.
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At oaknoll school, 90 out of 270 students on computers. what percent of students at oak knoll school do not own computers? round the nearest tenth of a percent.
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The square root of a 100 is it a whole number or natural number...

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