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Change 121/11 to a whole or mixed number

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Which is the graph of the function y=2(4)^x
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Suppose that f x 3 and g x 3x 3 which statement best compares the graph of g(x) with the graph of f(x)
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The angles below are supplementary. what is the value of x? a pair of supplementary angles is shown. one angle measures 7x + 33, and the other angle measures 70. 5.3 8.14 11 14.7
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Some boys and girls were asked if they had a pet. one third of the group were boys. there were 20 boys. 20% of the girls had a pet. boys with a pet : girls with a pet = 1 : 5 i need to know how many girls there are.
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Change 121/11 to a whole or mixed number...

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