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Rewrite 3x+4y=15+6 so y is a function of x

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The mean of a set of data is -3.82 and its standard deviation is 2.31. find the z score for a value of 3.99.
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You eat 8 strawberries and your friend eats 12 strawberries from a bowl. there are 20 strawberries left. which equation and solution give the original number of strawberries?
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Suppose that an airline uses a seat width of 16.516.5 in. assume men have hip breadths that are normally distributed with a mean of 14.414.4 in. and a standard deviation of 0.90.9 in. complete parts​ (a) through​ (c) below. ​(a) find the probability that if an individual man is randomly​ selected, his hip breadth will be greater than 16.516.5 in. the probability is nothing. ​(round to four decimal places as​ needed.)
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Is it true or false i’m trying to pass this test so i can leave school
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Rewrite 3x+4y=15+6 so y is a function of x...

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