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M< vst = (5x+23)° and m< vut = (8x-49)° find m< svt

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The actual length of side t is 0.045 cm. use the scale drawing to find the actual side length of w. a) 0.06 cm b) 0.075 cm c) 0.45 cm d) 0.75 cm
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Apple pie is removed from 350 degree oven. temperature of the pie t minutes after being removed id given by the function t(t)=72+268e-0.068t
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Aboat's value over time is given as the function f(x) and graphed below. use a(x) = 400(b)x + 0 as the parent function. which graph shows the boat's value increasing at a rate of 25% per year?
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Planning for the possibility that your home might get struck by lighting and catch on fire is part of a plan
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M< vst = (5x+23)° and m< vut = (8x-49)° find m< svt...

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