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Suppose there are nine marbles in a jar. they are identical except in color. three are red, four are blue, and two are white. you are instructed to draw one
marble, note its color, and set it aside. then you are to draw out another marble, note its color and set it aside. draw a tree diagram showing all possible
outcomes for both drawings. write the probabilities on the branches and answer the following questions. reduce all fractions to lowest terms. no
decimals! (hint see page 180 of your book)

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23) 84% of a contractor’s jobs involves electrical work. 75% of a contractor’s jobs involve plumbing work. Of the jobs that involve plumbing, 90% of the jobs also involves electrical work. Let E = jobs involving electrical work L = jobs involving plumbing work Suppose one of the contractor’s jobs is randomly selected. Using the sixth Excel worksheet, a) Find P(E). 0.84 b) Find P(L). 0.75 c) In words, what does E | L mean? d) Find P(E | L). e) Find P(E and L). f) Are E and L independent events? Why or why not? g) Find P(E or L). h) Are E and L mutually exclusive? Why or why not
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How much time will (4,10,14,16,18) workers take to do the job?
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Suppose there are nine marbles in a jar. they are identical except in color. three are red, four are...

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