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How much is a 40% discount off of $74.99

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"how does lena finally defeat the robots? ” this question will best be used to describe the story’s exposition. rising action. climax. falling action.
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Meghan has created a diagram of her city with her house, school, store, and gym identified. a. how far is it from the gym to the store? b. meghan also wants to walk to get some exercise, rather than going to the gym. she decides to walk along arc ab. how far will she walk? round to 3 decimal places.
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Which statements about this function are true?
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Jack is considering a list of features and fees for current bank: jack plans on using network atms about 4 times per month. what would be jack’s total estimated annual fees for a checking account with direct paycheck deposit, one overdraft per year, and no 2nd copies of statements? a. $44 b. $104 c. $144 d. $176
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How much is a 40% discount off of $74.99...

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