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what is the area of trapezoid abcd? a(-2,2) b(2,5) c(11,-7) d(1,-2)

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Select the correct answer. in the figure, angle k measures 45°. what is the measurement of angle c? a. 38° b. 45° c. 90° d. 98°
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On a piece of paper, graph y< x+1. then determine which answer matches the graph you drew.
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The amount spent on food and drink by 20 customers is shown below what is the modal amount spent ?
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Aflexible pavement was designed for the following daily traffic with a 12-year design life: 1300 single axles at 8,000 lb each, 900 tandem axles at 15,000 lb each, 20 single axles at 40,000 lb each, and 200 tandem axles at 40,000 lb each. the highway was designed with 4 inches of hot-mix asphalt (hma) wearing surface, 4 inches of hot-mix asphaltic base, and 8 inches of crushed stone subbase. the reliability was 70%, overall standard deviation was 0.5, δpsi was 2.0 (with a tsi of 2.5), and all drainage coefficients were 1.0. what was the soil resilient modulus of the subgrade used in design?
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what is the area of trapezoid abcd? a(-2,2) b(2,5) c(11,-7) d(1,-2)...

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