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Solve the equation and graph the solution if possible |r + 2| = |3r - 4|

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Given the following sampling distribution of one mean with a sample size 49, from a normally distributed population, find the population standard deviation, o.79828588912497​
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Amuffin recipe, which yields 12 muffins, calls for cup of milk for every 1 cups of flour. the same recipe calls for cup of coconut for every cup of chopped apple. to yield a batch of 30 muffins, how much flour will be needed in the mix?
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Mexico city, mexico, is the world's second largest metropolis and is also one of its fastest-growing cities with a projected growth rate of 3.2% per year. its population in 1991 was 20,899,000 people. use the formula p = 20.899e0.032t to predict its population p in millions with t equal to the number of years after 1991. what is the predicted population to the nearest thousand of mexico city for the year 2010?
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Select the margin of error that corresponds to the sample mean that corresponds to each population: a population mean of 25, a standard deviation of 2.5, and margin of error of 5%
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Solve the equation and graph the solution if possible |r + 2| = |3r - 4|...

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