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Which vehicle has the greatest interia

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Ashley will rent a car for the weekend. she can choose one of two plans. the first plan has an initial fee of $75 and costs an additional $0.30 per mile driven. the second plan has no initial fee but costs $0.80 per mile driven. how many miles would ashley need to drive for the two plans to cost the same?me i'm very stressed about my aleks
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Equation for the calculation double 2 and then add 5
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Find solution of the linear equation y = 2/3x + 1/3
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Solve: 25 points find the fifth term of an increasing geometric progression if the first term is equal to 7−3 √5 and each term (starting with the second) is equal to the difference of the term following it and the term preceding it.
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Which vehicle has the greatest interia...

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