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You are looking to buy a new car with one of two different types of engines: gas or diesel. the diesel engine gets 35mpg. the gasoline engine gets 31mpg. gasoline costs $1.87 per gallon and diesel costs $1.90 per gallon. the diesel engine costs $525.60 more than the gasoline engine. how far must you drive a car with a diesel engine before the savings in fuel pay for the higher price of the engine?

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Solve for x -2.3(r - 1.2 ) = -9.66 enter you answer as decimal.
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Alonso walked with his friend andy one day, and wanted to compare their speeds. alonso walked 3 miles in one hour, and andy walked 2 miles in 2 hours. complete the table to graph the relationship for each person.
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As part of an annual fundraiser to raise money for diabetes research, diane joined a bikeathon. the track she biked on was 1,920 yards long. diane biked 38.5 laps. her sponsors agreed to donate an amount of money for each mile she biked. how many miles did she bike? first fill in the blanks on the left side using the ratios shown. then write your answer. given ratios: 5280ft / 1 mi , 1 mi /5280 ft , 1,920 yards / 1 lap , 1 lap / 1,920 yards , 3 ft / 1 yard , 1 yard / 3 ft. blanks: 38.5 laps / 1 yard x (blank) x (blank) x (blank) = (blank) miles i'm really confused on how to do this, and the explanations aren't exactly . if you could walk me through how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated.
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In angle pqr find the measure of
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You are looking to buy a new car with one of two different types of engines: gas or diesel. the die...

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