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If 4 (x-2/3) = -18, what is the value of 2x

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Consider the function y = f(x)=3^x the values of f(1/2) and f(1/4). rounded to the nearest hundredth, are__and__ respectively
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The tuition costs, c, for a local community college are modeled by c(h) = 250 + 200h, where h represents the number of credit hours taken. the local state university has tuition costs, s, modeled by the function s(h) = 300 + 180h. how many credit hours will a student have to take for the two tuition costs to be equal? round the answer to the nearest tenth of an hour.
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Suppose that 3% of all athletes are using the endurance-enhancing hormone epo (you should be able to simply compute the percentage of all athletes that are not using epo). for our purposes, a “positive” test result is one that indicates presence of epo in an athlete’s bloodstream. the probability of a positive result, given the presence of epo is .99. the probability of a negative result, when epo is not present, is .90. what is the probability that a randomly selected athlete tests positive for epo? 0.0297
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The function v(r)=4/3pir^3 can be used to find the volume of air inside a basketball given its radius. what does v(r) represent
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If 4 (x-2/3) = -18, what is the value of 2x...

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