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Is 5/5 x 9 greater than, less than or equal to x?

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Asimple random sample of size nequals14 is drawn from a population that is normally distributed. the sample mean is found to be x overbar equals 70 and the sample standard deviation is found to be sequals13. construct a 90​% confidence interval about the population mean
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B-mobile phone advertises phone battery life (on standby) of up to three days. the standard deviation is thought to be five hours. tina talbot, an employee at cdp, tested 10 of these batteries for 72 hours. one failed at 40 hours; one failed at 62 hours; one failed at 70 hours. all others completed the test. calculate fr(%), fr(n), and mtbf.
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Measure of angles 31 (x+4) (3x+9) me
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James was playing a game with his friends. he won 35 points. then he lost 15, lost 40 and won 55. how did he come out
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Is 5/5 x 9 greater than, less than or equal to x?...

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