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Write each rate as a unite rate 3 championships in 7 years

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The losing candidate in the last council election received 5,600 votes, which represented 30% of all votes cast in the election
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(hurry! ) which expression is equivalent to the following complex fraction?
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Driving 75 mph, it takes alicia 2 hours to reach the airport to go on a vacation. it then takes her 4 hours to get to her destination with the jet traveling at a speed of 400 mph. how many miles does alicia travel to get to her destination?
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The scatter plot graph shows the average annual income for a certain profession based on the number of years of experience which of the following is most likely to be the equation of the trend line for this set of data? a. i=5350e +37100 b. i=5350e-37100 c. i=5350e d. e=5350e+37100
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Write each rate as a unite rate 3 championships in 7 years...

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