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As a telecommunications satellite goes over the horizon, stored messages are relayed to the next satellite which is still in position. however, the probability is 0.01 that an interruption will occur, and the relay transmission will be lost. out of 200 such relays, let r be the random variable that represents the number of transmissions that are lost.
write a brief but complete discussion in which you explain why the poisson approximation to the binomial would be appropriate.

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Haruka hiked several kilometers in the morning. she hiked only 66 kilometers in the afternoon, which was 25% less than she had hiked in the morning. how many kilometers did haruka hike in all?
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Powerful women's group has claimed that men and women differ in attitudes about sexual discrimination. a group of 50 men (group 1) and 40 women (group 2) were asked if they thought sexual discrimination is a problem in the united states. of those sampled, 11 of the men and 19 of the women did believe that sexual discrimination is a problem. if the p-value turns out to be 0.035 (which is not the real value in this data set), then at = 0.05, you should fail to reject h0. at = 0.04, you should reject h0. at = 0.03, you should reject h0. none of these would be a correct statement.
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What is the effect on the graph of the function f(x)=x when f(x) is replaced with -f(x)+4
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William invested 5000 dollars in an account that earns 3.5% interest compounded annually the formula for compound intrest is a(t) = p(1 + i) ^t. how much did william have in his account after 4 years
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As a telecommunications satellite goes over the horizon, stored messages are relayed to the next sat...

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