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Given the domain -2,1,5 what is the range for 4x+y=3

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Find the derivative of the function at upper p 0p0 in the direction of a. ​f(x, y,z)equals=negative 2 e superscript x baseline cosine left parenthesis yz right parenthesis−2excos(yz)​, upper p 0p0left parenthesis 0 comma 0 comma 0 right parenthesis(0,0,0)​, aequals=5 bold i plus 2 bold j plus 4 bold k
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Danielle has $127.02 in her account before making any transactions. over the course of a week, danielle makes the following transactions: transaction debit ($) credit ($) birthday check 75.00 night out 66.14 garage sale proceeds 121.58 charitable donation 42.25 doctor’s appointment 115.30 at the end of the week, how much money is in danielle’s account? a. $99.91 b. $27.11 c. $184.41 d. $142.16 select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d
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5.(04.07) two different plants grow each year at different rates, which are represented by the functions f(x) = 4* and g(x) = 5x + 2. what is the first year the f(x) height is greater than the g(x) height? year 3 year 0 year 2 year 1
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If you have the following equation, 2/3x+5/6-x=2-3/4x what would you multiply each term by to get rid of all the fractions
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Given the domain -2,1,5 what is the range for 4x+y=3...

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