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Simplify the square root of four over the cubed root of four.

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The lines shown below are parallel. if the green line has a slope of -1, what is the slope of the red line
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I'm being volume of cylinder with 13 in. radius and 30 in height answer choices in pic
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Which is the correct excel formula for the 80th percentile of a distribution that is n(475, 33)? =norm. dist(80,475,33,1) =norm. inv(0.80,475,33) =norm. s.inv((80-475)/33)?
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Which term best describes the association between variables a and b? no association a negative linear association a positive linear association a nonlinear association a scatterplot with an x axis labeled, variable a from zero to ten in increments of two and the y axis labeled, variable b from zero to one hundred forty in increments of twenty with fifteen points in a positive trend.
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Simplify the square root of four over the cubed root of four....

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