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What makes solar energy "green"?

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An equation representing lyle’s hedge-trimming business is a = 12n - 300 where a is the amount of profit or loss in dollars and n is the number of hedges trimmed. how would the graph of lyle’s business change if the equation a = 10n - 300 represented his business? the graph would be flatter. the graph would be steeper. the graph would start closer to the origin. the graph would start lower on the y-axis.
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Phyllis and chen are saving money to go to a football game. each friend starts with some money and saves a specific amount each week. phyllis made a graph to show the total she has saved at the end of each week. chen wrote an equation to show the total, y, he has saved at the end of each week, x. y = 15x + 15 compare the amount that each friend has when both friends start saving. select the correct answer from the drop-down menu to complete the statement. phyllis starts with $ and chen starts with $
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The table shows population statistics for the ages of best actor and best supporting actor winners at an awards ceremony. the distributions of the ages are approximately​ bell-shaped. compare the​ z-scores for the actors in the following situation. best actor best supporting actor muequals42.0 muequals49.0 sigmaequals7.3 sigmaequals15 in a particular​ year, the best actor was 59 years old and the best supporting actor was 45 years old. determine the​ z-scores for each. best actor: z equals best supporting actor: z equals ​(round to two decimal places as​ needed.) interpret the​ z-scores. the best actor was (more than 2 standard deviations above more than 1 standard deviation above less than 1 standard deviation above less than 2 standard deviations below) the​ mean, which (is not, is) unusual. the best supporting actor was (less than 1 standard deviation below more than 1 standard deviation above more than 2 standard deviations below more than 1 standard deviation below) the​ mean, which (is is not) unusual.
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Average acceleration: i have no idea how to do this.
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