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Use the function below to find f(4)

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Cora bought a package of erasers. there are 4 pink erasers and 12 blue erasers. what is the ratio of pink erasers to blue erasers?
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Ricky takes out a $31,800 student loan to pay his expenses while he is in college. after graduation, he will begin making payments of $190.66 per month for the next 30 years to pay off the loan. how much more will ricky end up paying for the loan than the original value of $31,800? ricky will end up paying $ more than he borrowed to pay off the loan.
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Which sentence uses an objective tone? we will plant the best garden of any school in the area. the new campus garden will surely be envied by other schools. a garden would provide numerous benefits to the students. you will probably agree that gardens have many benefits.
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What is the value of x when x + 7 = 21?
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Use the function below to find f(4)...

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